Bouquet Garni

I love a beautiful bouquet garni. It infuses delicate flavors into anything from beef bourguignon to steamed vegetables. 

Today’s aromatic bundle of herbs is simply rosemary, sage and thyme plucked from our planters. I’ll be using it for a beef roast, cooked in a French oven (aka a Dutch oven with the cast iron coated in enamel). My toddler helped me pick and prepare this bouquet garni; it’s such a simple technique that is fun and easy for kids to help with.

A classic bouquet garni is a few sprigs of thyme, a few stalks of fresh parsley and some bay leaves, bound with unwaxed kitchen string. But when it comes to a bouquet garni, there really are no rules and any herbs can be used. I like to bind my herbs using a sprig of thyme instead of kitchen string (although you must be quite delicate).

What are your favorite herb combos / bouquet garni ingredients? Tell me in the comments below!

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